Our Care Plans are as individual as our clients

Before we begin providing a service we will assess your needs and undertake other assessments to highlight any risks involved in meeting those needs . We will agree with you how we will work together to arrange your care, this will be written up in a care plan.

Because everyone is different we always create individual care plans for each of our clients and we are always willing to adapt or expand the services we offer to suit individual requirements.

The Care Plan is drawn up in consultation with the client, their relatives and health care professionals, should they be involved.

It is based on an assessment of risk and of the needs and preferences of the client and will clearly state the duties and services to be carried out by our carers.

Care plan reviews

We make a point of reviewing every care plan on a regular basis to ensure that our clients continue to receive the service which best fits their needs. We will also carry out a review whenever the client’s circumstances change as a result of illness, or changes to living arrangements.